AUGUST, 2-6, 2010

August, 2nd. 


I  -Tribute to Mikhail Gorbachev

   -Opening: Hazel Henderson “Global Transformation” 

   -Omagh Community-North Ireland-Playing for Change


II  Ecovillages:

    -Gaia Education “At the Cutting Edge of Sustainability”

-            - Findhorn Now - Scotland 

-             -Tamera – Summer University - Portugal 

-             -Crystal Waters - Australia

-             -Dancing Rabbits - United States


III -Ervin Laszlo “Civilization Shift”


IV Playing For Change - PFC

-             -The Filmmakers Journey

-             -One Love

-             -End Credits

August, 3rd.


I   -Tribute to Nelson Mandela

    -Dalai Lama “Hope for a More Peaceful World”


II  -Tahirih Naylor “Significance and Opportunity”

    -Architecture of Unity


III -Beyond Words “Towards Co-Existence in Israel”

    -Israel/Palestine – Playing for Change

    -Cyber Track “Traditional Knowledge and Technology” 


IV -Fresh From the Ground - Botswana 

    -Remapping Africa

    -War/No More Trouble – Playing for Change

August, 5th.

I   -Tribute to John Lennon

    -Adolfo Perez Esquivel “ Education for Freedom”

    -Mil Milênios de Paz – Ines Palomeque-Argentina

    -Latin Musicians in Barcelona – Playing for Change


II  -Ubiratan D’Ambrósio “What We Can Do”

     -Humanity’s Team – Gabriel Avruj – Argentina 

     -Asociación Educar - Carlos Grabner – Argentina


III Education:

     -Education the Way Out - Colombia

     -On the Wings of Words - Guyana

     -Rural Education - Honduras 


IV  -Projeto Poesia Audio-Visual-Periferia em Cena-Brasil

     -Shift of the Ages-Don Cirilo Perez Oxlaj-Guatemala

     -Meditación Masiva Argentina 

     -Bandera Planetária - Consejo de Paz Argentina

August, 4th.

I    -Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

     -David Adams “Global Movement for Peace” 

     -Stand by Me – Playing for Change


II   -Marilyn Mandala Schlitz “Power and Potentials”  

     -Images and Voices of Hope – IVOH Program

     -The World Café–“What it Is”+“The Seven Principles”


III -What is a Bioneer – Nina Simons 

    -Four Years Go – Campaign > Elisabeth Sathouris – 
     John Gray – Jack Canfield – Barbara Marx Hubbard


IV Playing For Change

    -Zuni, New Mexico, United States

    -New Orleans, Louisiana, United States  

August,  6th.

I    -Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

     -Hiroo Saionji “ Creating a New Civilization”  

     -Dharamsala – India – Playing for Change


II   -Whalesong - Australia 

     -Water Top Secret – Masaru Emoto

     -Vibration – Playing for Change 


III  -Promoting Transformation in Cambodia - CORDE

     -Varadayapalem, India - PFC

     -Kathmandu, Nepal - PFC


IV  -Campaign: To Abolish Nuclear Weapons - ICAN

     -Closing: Masami Saionji – “The Power of Words”

     - Flag Ceremony for World Peace - WPPS