AUGUST, 2-6, 2010


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We hope you, your organization or network of contacts can benefit from it, and this experiment can be a start for future on-the-ground actions and global cooperation for peace, sustainability, planetary citizenship and global governance.

We are very grateful and honored by your participation and the generosity and trust of each of you that cooperate is this collective project.

Local Conferences - LIST OF EVENTS


Education for Peace Globalnet is happy to invite you to participate in the World Conference on Culture of Peace and Sustainability: citizenship and global governance, 2010. The World Conference is formed by Local Events around the planet and an Online Program of speeches, reports, art and rituals.

The invitation is for you, your organization or your municipality, to promote a Local Event during the period August 2 to 6, 2010. This week will celebrate the conclusion of the UN Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World (2001-2010), and the results of exemplary projects and initiatives committed to sustainability.

The Local Conference is a gathering in your community, neighborhood or town, that can follow the Global E-Conference online programming and add local activities. It can also be a self-organized event among friends, members of your organization, partners or city officials that come together to share inspirational talks, reports, rituals, and artistic presentations. Globalnet suggests bringing together representatives of peace and environmental projects, active in your region, to interact and coordinate better their actions, finding ways to contribute more effectively to the local-global governance.

Global E-Conference

On August 2-6, 2010 the World Conference Culture of Peace and Sustainability will present a daily video program online, with keynote speakers, tribute to peace icons, celebrations, art presentations, messages from world leaders, reports on outstanding projects and programs, world campaigns and tools for peace.

Each day program will share talks, projects, celebrations from a specific area of the world, beginning with Europe on August 2nd, followed by Africa and the Middle East, North America, Latin America and Asia. The programs will be available in internet for 24 hours.


The 2010 World Conference is closing a cycle of global, continental and local conferences organized by the Education for Peace Globalnet, that started in 2000. The first one, "The Future of Our Children" took place in Geneva, Switzerland and was followed by the World Conference on the "Culture of Peace and Global Citizenship" in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2002.

Continental meetings happened in Bangkok/Asia and Nazareth/Middle East in 2003; Accra/Africa and Findhorn/Europe in 2004; Washington/North America and Iguassu Falls/South America in 2005. More than a hundred meetings and activities in a dozen countries directly supported the goals of the World Peace Conferences, along the decade.

Peace and Sustainability projects and programs reported in the meetings and conferences come from areas of Education, Family, Community, Media, Arts, Sports, Environment and Health, with a main focus on children and youth.

Globalnet is the result of continuous cooperation among more than forty world organizations, and aims to empower individuals involved with peace projects, communities, cultural centers, and networks, who, through the exemplarity of their actions, can teach and indicate practical ways to contribute to the humanity transformation process. It focuses on the vision embodied in each project and initiative and on the strength that comes from the collective learning process.